Hasebe Kuninobu Ko-Wakizashi

Hasebe Kunishige (長谷部国重) has long been considered to be a pupil of Masamune (正宗).
Hasebe Kuninobu (国信) who was either the younger brother or the second son of Kunishige. The Kotô Meizukushi Taizen follows the former tradition and says that Kuninobu was born in Bun’ei eleven (文永, 1274) and died in Kôei two (康永, 1343) at the age of 70.

This is a realy good Ko-Wakizashi, mumei but attribute from the NBTHK direct to Hasebe Kuninobu. It has an exellent Hitatsura Hamon without any flaws or fouls. The condition is top.After submit to the shinsa it will get without any problem a juyo Paper.