Tango no kami Fujiwara Kanemichi Katana ( Kiku ) Ichi

This is a Masterwork Katana from Tango no kami Fujiwara Kanemichi. This Katana was pollish by Kenji Mishina and is flawless and in exellent condition.

Kanemichi, 1st generation, 1648, Settsu, ryo-wazamono, (Kiku) & Ichi. He's the third son of the first generation Kyo-Tanba. He was born in 1602. He died in 1672 at age 70. His early name was Naomichi. He received his title in 1625 and moved to Osaka. Ji-hada is ko-itame with ko-nie and chikei. Hamon styles are o-gunome choji and sudare ba with nie and deep nioi. There is also Kyo-yakidashi in his hamon and he's good at making suguha. He was one of the best Mishina smiths in Osaka.