Shinpo Yoshiharu Tachi

Yoshiharu Shinpo real name is Shinpo Motoharu. He was born on 4 September 1941. He resides on Sado Island. He apprenticed under Miyairi Akihira. He earned his swordmaking license in 26 December 1961.
He got the Mainichi Newspaper special Prize 1 time.
Best prize of NBTHK he won 9 times and a lot more prices.

This is an exellent Utsuchi of a Bizen Tachi of the Kamakura Period.The condition of the Blade and the polish is exellent.
The Koshira is made of high quallity in Japan.
The Fittings as the Fuchi Kashira, Kojiri and the Kurigata are made of full silver in the Wave Style of the Omori school.The Menuki are rain Dragon and made of Suaka.
And the Tsuba is an Edo Periode Tsuba made of iron with waves and gold shidori. Blade and Koshira is in Top condition and made in high quallity.