Ozaki Gengouemon Suketaka Tanto mit Koshira

Suketaka was of the Osaka tosho, and was the pupil of Korada Takanobu.
Ozaki Suketaka worked at the very beginning of the Shinshinto period, faithfully reproducing the Osaka style pioneered by Sukehiro one hundred years before.
He was a smith with a high degree of skill, and Fujishiro reflects this by recording him as Jo-saku. He died early at the age of 53, in 1805.
Ozaki Suketaka and Suishinshi Masahide were called the master artisans of the east and the west.

The Tanto bears the date of 1790, so was made with Suketaka was 38 years old.
It has an exellent Horimono on both sides.
Rare is that these Tanto is made in the shape of Katankiriha zukuri.
So thats a good rare Tanto with a nice Koshira of a good smith. The Blade and the Koshira is in realy good condition and without flaws or any other fouls.