Bizen Omiya Koto Katana mit Koshira

This is a beautiful old koto katana that was attributed to the Omiya school. This sword reminds one of older Bizen work. This blade has the typical characteristics of blades made in the Nanbokucho period. It has a
longish Kissaki and attractive Sori and activities in Ha. The activities in Ha are very beautiful with utsuri on the ji. The hamon is an attractive gunome choji.
The hada is covered in ji-nie and is a mokume itame mix with chikei.

The Omiya school was one branch of the Bizen Osafune school.
They made swords from Nanbokucho period to Muromachi period,
in Omiya of Okayama city, Okayama pref.
According to one explanation, it is said that the founder of Omiya
school was Kunimori who came from Yamashiro province.
It is still unclear.
Omiya blades’ are similar to Soden Bizen style.
There are Morikage, Moritsugu, Morokage and Morishige in Omiya school.