Suishinshi Masatsugu Tanto

Suishinshi Masatsugu is a student of Naotane and also a student of Suishinshi Masahide.
He was married with the daughter of Masahide the second generation and himself became the third generation of Masahide and worked for the Akimoto clan. This was the daimyo family that held the Tatebayashi domain which had been previously held by the Tokugawa and the Matsudaira clans and produced close to 70,000 koku.
Masatsugu died in 1860, and Fujishiro rates him Jo-saku.

This is an exellent Tanto by Masatsugu which is clearly an Utsushi of the famous O- Kanemistu Tanto, in the jihada and in the hamon. The Kanemitsu Tanto has Kokuho.

See please the last picture in the Gallery.

Its a true Masterwork from Masatsugu with the Original Koshira that was made for this Tanto. Both, the blade and the koshira receive NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Paper by the Shinsa in Japan. This Blade you must hold in Hand to see clearly the Beautyfull Details in the Blade.