Inaba Inshu kokaji Kagenaga Katana

Several schools, such as the Kokaji school of Inaba Province, the Doei school of Izumo Province and the Naotsuna school of Iwami Province, had been active in the San-in District during the Muromachi Period succeeding to their traditions of the previous period.
In Inaba Province, the smith name of Kagenaga had been inherited since the end of the Kamakura Period. Kagenaga favoured tempering hoso-sugu-ha as a tradition.

And this is one of his Masterpiece. There are few extant works of Kagenaga with a mei, but it is extrem rare to find sign blades from him in good condition.
This sword is mumei and attribute from the NBTHK to the Kagenaga of the Oei period, and the condition is realy good.
Kagenaga has work around 1394.