Suishinshi Masatsugu Tachi with Koshira

„Suishinshi Masatsugu“, born as Kawabe Hokushi, was the grandson of one of the most famous swordsmiths of the Shinshinto period, „Suishinshi Masahide“.
A student of Masahide was the equally famous „Taikei Naotane“. He was Masatsugu`s teacher and adopted him. Later Masatsugu married Naotane´s daughter and became head of the Kawabe Masahide clan. Masatsugu could have called himself then Suishinshi Masahide(III). Because of his highly praized workmanship he had already been awarded the honorary name "Suishinshi" and he preferred to call himself "Suishinshi Masatsugu".
Born 1814, most of his works dates between 1835 and 1858. He passed away in 1860, at the age of 46.

This is an exellent Tachi, made in the highest quallity from Suishinshi Masatsugu. These blade is made in the Bizen style and has a good form and balance. You can find a few blades from him on the market, but these one is one of his best quallity and rare to find.

Koshirae: Superb itomaki-no-tachi-koshirae , saya has fine nashiji-laquer with gold laquered Aoi-Mon (crest of the Tokugawa family). All fittings are original und matching made of finest shakudo-nanako with application of numerous Aoi-Mon in gold. Tsuka and saya are wrapped with gold coloured silk, nice matching silk sageo. 19.Jh.