Hizen Tadakuni Daisho ( First Generation ) Tokubetsu Hozon

The first generation TADAKUNI 忠国, real name Hashimoto Rokurozaemon 橋本六郎左衛門, was the second son of HIROSADA 広貞、real name Hashimoto Souemon-no-jo 橋本相右衛門尉 who was a younger brother by different mothers of 1st generation Hizen-koku TADAYOSHI 肥前国忠吉.
TADAKUNI 忠国 was born in keicho 9 (1604) and learned from his master, father HIROSADA 広貞 to name himself HIRONORI 広則. Among Hizen sword makers of head legitimate and 2 major branches, TADAKUNI 忠国 is older than cousin MASAHIRO 正広 by 3 years and 10 years older than 2nd gen. legitimate TADAHIRO 忠広. Those top skilled sword makers in Hashimoto family sometimes had ghostmade/signed for their great master 1st gen. TADAYOSHI in his later ages.
The first generation TADAKUNI 忠国 enjoyed an official district Harima-daijo 播摩大掾 title and changed smith name from HIRONORI 広則 to TADAKUNI 忠国 in Kanei 11 (1634) when he was 34 years old. He served exclusively to a feudal lord Nabeshima MOTOSHIGE 鍋島元茂 in Ogi district Saga 小城. on after Shouho 1 (1644-) and had changed his style of sign that would come from a change in his state of mind. In his later ages Kanbun era (1661-), he gave the Harima-daijo 播磨大掾 title back and obtained the upgraded title of Harima-no-kami 播磨守. Passed away in the 22nd day, 4th month, Genroku 4 (1691) was 88 years old.