Rai Kunimitsu Katana

Rai KunImitsu is said to be a son of Rai Kunitoshi and was active from the end of the Kamakura perio to the beginning of Nambokucho. Of his extant works, the earliest dating is Kareki Gan Nen ( 1330 ) and the latest Kano Ni Nen ( 1351 ).
His workmannship varies across a very wide spectrum, from the traditional suguha of Kyoto, to suguha - scrattered with ko-gunome and mixed with ko-choji, suguha with midare or notare combined with gunome and to gunome midare.
Various styles of Tachi and Tanto confirm that all of the smiths of the Rai school, Kunimitsu was the most skilful, and worked with a wide range of techniques.

This blade is an exellent work an extraordinarily healthy, and it comes with a wonder full Set of Koshira.