Enju Nobuhisa Tanto

This is a nice Shin Shinto Tanto from the Higo Province and is sign by Enju Nobuhisa.
You can read Nobuhisa as Nobufuru.And Enju Nobuhisa is the same smith as Enju Nobuyoshi. He works at Higo around 1685 till to the Meiji period.His works are rare to find.
This Tanto is a good work from him in good polish and without flaws. These Tanto receive a NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon from the shinsa.
The Aikuchi Koshira has the Kiri Mon as Menuki. The Kozuka has 2 other Mons on the fine shakudo nanako. The Kozuka is sign by Shimizu Yoshiaki and has a NBTHK Hozon Paper.