Hizen Tadayoshi Wakizashi

The sword smith Tadayoshi of Hizen province was born in 1574 as Hashimoto Shinzaemon, the son of a swordsmith of Nagase named Michihiro . On Michihiro's death the thirteen year old Shinzaemon was recognized as a valuable young man of good family by the Nabeshima daimyo of Hizen who allowanced him the substantial yearly income of 13 koku of rice. When he was twenty five in 1596 Nabeshima Katsushige arranged for him to go to Kyoto where he lived for three years studying sword making under the great master of the shinto era, Umetada Myoju. He duly returned from Kyoto together with a household of fifteen relatives and around sixty retainers, moving from his home at Nagase to live in the castle town of Saga, where lord Nabeshima was domiciled. He adopted the name Tadayoshi, using the character Tada from the name Umetada of his teacher in Kyoto. His great skill earned him the honorific title Musashi Daijo bestowed on him in Kyoto in 1624. He then took the name Tadahiro, and changed his clan name from Minamoto to Fujiwara. He made swords as a retainer of the Nabeshima clan and became famous throughout Japan during his lifetime.
Tadayoshi died in 1632 aged just sixty one.

These Wakizashi comes from the first generation Tadayoshi. The Blade is made in a fine ko-itame mixed with ji-nie and chikei.
The hamon is a chu suguha with kinsuji and sunagashi.
The Nakago is a bad condition, so the date of the omote side is no longer to read.The signature on the Uran side is complette to read. The blade comes with a NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Paper.

The Aikuchi Koshira has a nice shi shi on every side of the tsuka in fine black shakudo. The Kozuka has a shi shi in black shakudo on a fine nanako ground.