Musashi Daijo Korekazu Katana

This swordsmith, Musashi Daijo Korekazu, second generation was of the Edo Ishido Tradition. He received the Title of " Musashi Daijo " during the Empo Era and started to forgefrom the year 1678.
He took over his father´s forging features from the first generation that resemble the features of Fukuoka Ichimonji from Bizen.
The features are of a higher Hamon of Choji-midare. This Katana is 72,5 cm long. A veryrobust shape. The Jigane is Itame Masamenagare, the Hamon is Choji-midare, the under part of the Hamon is Komidare, but the upper part is higher O-midare, with obvious Midare-utsuri.This is a real Masterpiece of Musashi Daijo Korekazu. This Blade was polished by Kawakami Yoichiro with receiving 2nd of outstanding perfermance award in 2020 for the polisher contest.
It comes with an Uchigatana style Koshira with a black laquer Saya ornamented with Dragon theme Fittings.