Echigo no Kami Kanesada Katana

Terukane's real name was Sakakura Gonnoshin. Terukane originally came from Mino and was a student of Terukado who was active there around the time of Manji (1658-1661).
Later, Terukane moved to Osaka to study with the first generation of Echigo no kami Kanesada. From then on he signed his blades Terukane. Eventually, after a few years, he was adopted by Kanesada and from the second month of the sixth year of Kanbun (1666) also signed Echigo no kami Kanesada.
However, when Iwamatsu, the biological son of the first generation of Kanesada, came of age in the first half of the seventh year of Enpo (1679), he adopted the smith name Kanesada, whereupon Gonnoshin Kanesada henceforth signed Itakura Gonnoshin Terukane.
From 1684 he added the title Echigo no kami to his signature again in the form of Sakakura Echigo no kami Terukane.

This blade is a true masterpiece by Echigo no kami Kanesada.
His style is very similar to Sukehiro's works.
Kanesada crafted slightly square gunome with deep nioikuchi to create bright, uniquely solid and powerful works.
Blades with Juyo papers are hard to find in Japan.
This blade also has a very good koshira with fittings in shakudo Nanako with Shi Shi dogs. The Tsuba is a Hizen Tsuba with Shi Shi dogs.