Miyamoto Kanenori Tanto

This is an exellent Tanto, made by a well known swordsmith of the late shinshinto period, Miyamoto Kanenori.

He was born in Hóki,he aspired to become a swordsmith from an early age, and entered the Mon of Yokoyama Sukekane. At first he was called Noto no Kami, and his works are seen from the Bunkyú era. Later he went up to Kyoto, and became a craftsman fort the Imperial Household.

In 1907 he created the honourable position of Teishitsu Gigein - "Imperial Household Artisan" which might be considered to be similar to today's Ningen Kokuho or "Living National Treasure". In the field of sword making, this award was granted to the two swordsmiths, Gassan Sadakazu and Miyamoto Kanenori.
His work spanned 60 years and he died at the age of 97 on Taisho Jugonen Jugatsu Nijuyoka ( 24 Oktober 1926 ).

These Tanto from Miyamoto Kanenori is made in the style of a Yoroidoshi and comes in full new Mukansa polish. The hada is made of Masame and in the suguha hamon are lots of fine nie.
The NBTHK gives these Tanto the Status of Tokubetsu Hozon.