Gassan Sadakatsu Tanto

Gassan Sadakatsu was born as the second son
of the First Gassan Sadakazu in 1869. Sadakatsu was
a representative swordsmith of Taisho to early Showa period.
He was an amazing swordsmith to make all of Soshu-den,
Bizen-den and Yamato-den. Especially his distinctive Ayasugi-hada
inherits the tradition that has been continued
from the Kamakura period still lives on in gendai swordsmiths.
Under his famous father Sadakazu the First, Sadakatsu forged only
a few swords inscribed his swordsmith name until the death
of Sadakazu in the late Taisho era. Sadakatsu put all his energies
into making his own sword after 1920’s as a purveyor
to the Imperial Household, special swords to dedicate the Ise-Jingu shrine,
accepting orders by high dignitaries. He tempered sword with sincere
and faithful attitude in conformity with Shintoism.
Under that he trained many excellent swordsmiths.
His two most excellent pupils, one was his real son
the Second Gassan Sadakazu and the other was Takahashi Sadatsugu,
were designated as preservers of Important Intangible Cultural Assets,
popularly known as Living National Treasures. Sadakatsu passed
away in 1943, aged 74.

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